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Your Account Receivables are assets that can be converted into immediate cash! Do you need short-term revenue for payroll, taxes, repairs, seasonal help, expansion? Factoring involves a transaction between Seller (Client) and Buyer (AeroFund) for the sale and purchase of invoices. Thousands of large, medium-sized, and small nationwide businesses utilize the system of factoring to avoid the wait of 30, 60, or 90 days for payments from their customers, for product and/or services rendered. By factoring their invoices, instant cash is generated and companies can immediately and effectively strengthen their financial positions, with interim funding.

Use AeroFund To:

  • Take Advantage of Growth Opportunities
  • Re-Stock Inventory
  • Fill Pending Purchase Orders
  • Meet Payroll
  • Pay Taxes on Time
  • Address Periodic or Seasonal Cash Flow Problems

For more than twenty-eight years, AeroFund Financial, Inc. (AFI) has purchased clients’ invoices and wired applicable funds into their bank accounts within less than 24 hours. We have provided dependable, fast, and simple solutions for companies that periodically find themselves in ‘cash-strapped’ situations.

If your company has more money on the books than in the bank, perhaps it is time for you to contact AeroFund. Within hours, we can process and approve your application. In one to two days, we will convert your invoices into cash and provide you with an on-going financial solution, to be used on an ‘as-needed’ basis.

As a client of AeroFund, you will have no need to seek investment capital and relinquish equity in your business in order to acquire financial help. Your invoices serve as collateral, and you determine when, and how often to use our funding.

AeroFund makes applying and qualifying simple. No financial statements or tax returns are required. Call us today, and we will gladly answer all of your questions.

The solution to your cash flow problems is only a phone call away.

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Invoice FactoringOur Financing Program
With our easy approval process, we can lend from $5,000 to $3,000,000 against our clients' accounts receivables in as little as 24 hours. (Learn More...)

Freight Bill FundingHighest Advances in the Industry
In addition to high advances, you get: credit checks on your customers, processing of freight bills, collection services, and reports.(Learn More...)
PO FinancingOne Stop Shopping
AeroFund provides a combination of Inventory, Purchase Order and A/R Financing for your growth and Working Capital needs.(Learn More...)

SES FundingSES Funding
SES is a specialized service and AeroFund is an expert at it. We have relationships with SES Coordinators and School Districts.(Learn More...)

Accounts Receivable Factoring Made Easy

Waiting for your customers to pay invoices can have a huge impact on your company's cash flow.

At AeroFund we will factor your accounts receivables, paying you cash now using your oustanding invoices as collateral.  Contact us to get started or learn more today.

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