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We help numerous industries with their accounts receivable financing needs.   Let us help you with your industry specific financial needs.

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No matter what size transportation or trucking firm you own, you’re going to have expenses to cover and there are many times when those expenses become due before you receive payment from your customers. That’s where we come in. Before you receive payment from your outstanding jobs, our freight bill factoring service allow us to give you cash today to meet payroll or lease fees, maintain your fleet, or grow your business. We also provide gas savings with fuel cards that make it easier to manage your fuel expenses. We’re experts in freight bill factoring so contact us to learn more or to get started.

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Temporary Staffing

Whether your company provides staffing solutions to the IT, Nursing, Industrial, administrative or other business sectors, retaining the best talent is a key to your long term success. Waiting for payment from your staffing clients can create a huge drag on your company cash flow. Whether you’ve been declined for bank financing or you just have some temporary irregular revenue patterns, we can help you meet your working capital needs. We’ve been servicing the staffing industry with invoice factoring for more than two decades and we can make help you solve your cash flow problems today. Contact us to learn more or get started.

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Manufacturing can be a cash flow intensive business that needs consistently reliable working capital to keep operations flowing smoothly. Our accounts receivable factoring solutions for manufacturing firms can help you to bridge the gap between your expenses and the time you receive payment on outstanding invoices. Whether your need cash to maintain operations or grow your business through acquiring new equipment or maintaining the equipment you have, we’re here to help. We can get you the cash you need in as little as one day.

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Sustaining supply levels and maintaining or upgrading your equipment can be key elements to the success of printing companies like yours. Our invoice factoring solutions for printing companies can make it easier for you to grow your business by helping you keep cash reserves high while waiting for your client invoices to be paid. We understand the printing business and can provide high quality invoice financing with very fast cash payouts.

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Oil and Gas

It is very common to have very long payment and collection periods for the oil and gas industry, which can cash flow management extremely difficult and frustrating. Our invoice factoring solutions are ideal for companies in all sectors of oil and gas exploration and production. Our financing team can help you solve your cash flow issues so you can focus on growing your business.

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Wholesale Distribution

Filling wholesale orders promptly often means maintaining proper inventory to fulfill orders well before you can receive payment from your customers. The wholesale industry can have difficult working constraints whether you sell to merchants, retailers, or any other wholesale sector. With our accounts receivable factoring products you can conserve cash to get volume discounts from suppliers or grow your business by investing in more space or more staff. Ready to make your wholesale business grow? Contact us today.

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Government Procurement

As many people who have worked with government contracts over the past few years are aware, government contacts can have very long and slow repayment periods. This unpredictability can put many companies that work with government contracts into very difficult cash flow situations. No matter what government services your provide, invoice factoring can give you cash flow today to help you meet your business expenses. Our cash flow solutions can allow you to continue to fulfill government contracts or grow your private sector business.

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Most companies in the aerospace industry sell their products and services using terms, meaning it can take 60 days or more to get paid by your customers. Smaller aerospace companies, or companies that are growing quickly, may run into problems if their cash reserves run low while they are waiting for payment. Our invoice (or accounts receivable) factoring for aerospace industries solves this problem, typically faster and easier than bank loans. We consider your invoices as your main collateral for the transaction and deliver an advance of up to 80% of your outstanding invoice when your customer receives the product. You receive the remaining balance (minus our fees) when your invoice is paid by your customer. AeroFund provides flexible for growing or establish aerospace firms.

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We also provide a full line of invoice factoring solutions for the following industries:

  •  IT Consulting
  •  Advertising
  •  Apparel
  • Custom Brokers
  • Machining
  • Nursing
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Technology
  • Food Processing
  • Giftware
  • Janitorial
  • And Many More

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Invoice FactoringOur Financing Program
With our easy approval process, we can lend from $5,000 to $3,000,000 against our clients' accounts receivables in as little as 24 hours. (Learn More...)

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SES FundingSES Funding
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Accounts Receivable Factoring Made Easy

Waiting for your customers to pay invoices can have a huge impact on your company's cash flow.

At AeroFund we will factor your accounts receivables, paying you cash now using your oustanding invoices as collateral.  Contact us to get started or learn more today.

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