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Jan 17


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Thoughts By Professionals in the Asset-Based Lending and Factoring Industry THE 3 P’S OF CREDIT Nontraditional alternative bank financing has been around for thousands of years and has proved to be a great business and investment for lenders and an even greater benefit for borrowers and commerce. The advantages to borrowers is their ability to sell […]

May 03

Commercial Factor – 2013 Factoring Conference

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Factoring.org Click Below to Enlarge   IFA Members Making A Difference The IFA “Members Making A Difference” column focuses on the many IFA members making a difference in their communities and in the world. In this issue’s column, AeroFund’s Stephen Troy discusses how reading about the U.S. Marines’ struggle to get toy donations bolted him […]

Jan 25

AeroFund Financial providing factoring & accounts receivable financing lines of credit nationwide

AeroFund Financial providing factoring & accounts receivable financing lines of credit nationwide

Welcome, I am Steve Troy, the CEO and Founder of AeroFund Financial. For over 26 years AeroFund has specialized in providing millions of dollars in funding for staffing companies just like yours. Are your company’s profits tight with accounts receivable? Are you expanding and need additional cash for your future payroll demands? Here at AeroFund […]

May 23

How to Alleviate a Cash Flow Shortage with Invoice Factoring

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Most companies occasionally experience cash flow shortages. This article will explain how to address this common problem and will also suggest strategies to solve it. Please note that this article is not meant to replace the advice of a qualified professional. If your company is experiencing serious cash flow problems, you should consider contacting a […]

Apr 29

How to Integrate an Invoice Factoring Program Into Your Business

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Financing a business in today’s economic climate is certainly a challenge. With banks and credit unions limiting access to working capital, a number of businesses have found it difficult to finance their day to day operating expenses. Companies that would otherwise be considered financially sound are having a hard time managing cash flow and securing […]

Apr 15

Factoring Programs Can Help Small Businesses Pay 2011 Taxes

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According to the IRS, over 50% of businesses in the United States face some kind of fine for late or incorrect payroll tax filings. Small businesses that are unable to pay these fines face astronomical interest rate charges. Aside from charging exorbitant interest rates, the IRS has a number of additional avenues to pursue which […]

Apr 04

Entrepreneurs Use Factoring as a Tactic during Recession

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Traditionally, most entrepreneurs use business plans to raise funds and kick off their businesses. However, the current economic situation has forced banks to institute budget cuts and credit constraints, meaning entrepreneurs have to think of new ways to raise business funding. Such has been made possible by use of new solutions like factoring invoices once […]

Mar 25

How to Manage Your Companies Accounts Receivable

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If you own a business, you know the heartburn that can ensue when a customer does not pay you in a timely fashion. Often these delinquent accounts go to collections. That rarely helps. With customers who are chronically late in paying, nothing tends to change their habits. If you have a customer who is usually […]

Mar 16

Member BBB: Bounce Back Businesses in this current economic recession

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As the media talking heads and politicians begin to declare an economic recovery at the behest of the market makers, the small businessman is far from feeling its effects. Through both recession and recovery, the decisions that the small businessman makes and the strategies that he employs alone will determine the fate of his business. […]

Mar 01

According to Obama Small Business Drives US Economics

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On Feburary 22, 2011, Barack Obama spent his 12th visit to the state of Ohio speaking to small business owners. Addressing the entrepreneurs and new independent professionals, the President claimed that “The big companies generally get most of the attention in our economy…” further remarking that “it’s small businesses like yours that help drive America’s […]

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